Birding is fast becoming a new and exciting hobby for people of all ages looking for a challenge. Birding is surprisingly thrilling and people new to birding, quickly find it satisfying to be able to correctly identify and try to locate, as many bird species as possible. Once you have grown familiar with the more common species, the next challenge is to move onto the more specialist, rarer species.

The forested region of Kwazulu-Natal (our destination) is blessed with incredibly diverse and colourful species, with unique and exciting birding specials, found nowhere else. The famous Birding Route runs throughout KZN and people flock to this area for this very reason.

South African bird identification lectures, game drives and bush walks to different environments and learning the more commonly heard bird calls are some of the fascinating activities that feature on this experience.

Additionally, identification of any other animal species that we come across, will not be left out! This tour is packed full of opportunities to view our feathered friends.

The S.O.N Birding Experience offers opportunities to gain a number of specialist bird related skills certificates. These will make a unique addition to your C.V.

Don’t knock it until you have tried it, birding is very addictive!

All tours can be tailor-made to your specific requirements and budget.


Best enjoyed over 16 days (14-day period in country). Longer tours available. Please request a tailor-made itinerary.