Josie Easton is a qualified Nature Guide for both the terrestrial (land) and marine (sea) environments.


Josie lived, trained and worked in South Africa as a Nature Guide (Safari Guide) for 8 years. Over that time, she worked for lodges and later progressed on to work freelance; guiding for the majority of surrounding Kwazulu-Natal lodges.

Josie’s background is varied, with a large portion of her childhood spent abroad, growing up in the Middle East and in Cyprus, and then moving back to Britain to continue her British education. In 2002, she was a student at New College Stamford, studying photography. She has a particular passion for capturing wildlife in her photography.

Josie has always had a love for travel, and gained valuable experience in the travel and tourism industry as a travel consultant, learning how to put together perfect travel packages for clients.

Inevitably, travel was soon beckoning, so she packed up her life and headed off for her own adventures, with a specific interest in experiencing Africa - which would forever change her life. She was immediately infatuated with Africa, with its wildlife and all its wild, untamed places. She trained as a professional Nature Guide, educating visitors about its wildlife and spent many happy years in South Africa, her second home.

Josie eventually returned from South Africa, and was soon snapped up as a specialist lecturer in African ecology and conservation. She works today as a lecturer back at New College Stamford, inspiring her students to “get out there” and experience the world and all its incredible wildlife. A role she feels passionate about.

Josie’s newest venture, creating Students of Nature, completes her ultimate goal of bringing people and nature together, in a way that benefits both parties.

Josie has always strongly believed in her motto ‘conservation through education’ and to this day this is the motivation behind her company Students of Nature.


Bhejane Nature Training: Advanced Nature Guiding & Wildlife Conservation Diploma (3 Years)

DEAT registered (KwaZulu-Natal province)

UK drivers licence & UK PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle Entitlement)

Code 10 South African drivers licence & SA PDP (Public Drivers Permit)

FGASA Level 1 Terrestrial qualification

FGASA Level 1 Marine qualification

Back-Up Trails Guide qualification

Cyber Tracker Track and Sign Level 1 & 2

Firearm qualifications/SASSETA:

  • Advanced Rifle Handling
  • Basic Rifle Handling: Vehicle Based Rifle
  • Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act 6/2000: Unit Standard 117705
  • Handle and Use a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine: Unit Standard 119651
  • Handle and Use a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine for
  • Business Purposes: Unit Standard 123519

S.M.A.R.T Wilderness First Aid Level 1, 2 & 3

Marine First Aid Level 1

S.M.A.R.T Fire Fighting & Prevention

FGASA General Knowledge of South Africa certificate

FGASA Guiding Research & Design certificate

FGASA Guiding Tourism Management certificate

FGASA Guiding Conservation Management certificate

FGASA Guiding Safety & Emergency certificate

FGASA Bird Knowledge certificate

Bhejane Nature Training: Specialist Frogging qualification

KZN Amphibian & Reptile Conservation: Awareness, Identification & Handling qualification

Reptile Ventures Snake Awareness & Venomous Snake Handling qualification (FGASA endorsed)

Tony Phelps C.R.I Snake Handling and ID qualification (FGASA endorsed)

Tony Phelps C.R.I Snake Morphology and Sampling Level 1 qualification (one month mentorship)

Scorpion Adventures Spider & Scorpion ID certificate

P.A.D.I. Open Water

P.A.D.I. Advanced Open Water certified