It is essential that you come prepared. We've taken the headache out of deciding what to bring with this handy checklist.
General / main gear:
Sleeping bag & liner

Large main rucksack or large soft wheeled case

Small day rucksack (ideally with bladder water bag storage)
X2 – 2.5L - 3L bladder water bags for bush walks - (1 spare in case 1 breaks)
Big water bottle (as well as, or if no bladder bags)
Head torch / torch (no wind-up torches!)
Battery travel alarm clock (or use a watch) - (save phone battery)
Wash stuff: hairbrush, toothbrush / paste (limited facilities -no hair gel or products, hairdryer or hair straighteners)

Shampoo / conditioner - good alternative: clothes, body &hair wash (all in one - available from camping stores)
Sun cream (at least factor 20+)
Fun gear: (some optional)
Safari wildlife book (all South African wildlife)

Mini pocket / medium notebooks / pens (required: studying)
Binoculars (8 x 45 - max 10 x 45 - (too much magnification = more shake!)

Camera - SLR digital camera or standard digital camera - (with panoramic / zoom lenses if have)
*(I will take my professional SLR camera - to document the trip)
Solar charger - for camera / mobile phone (leave in camp during day to charge)
Personal Medication:
Own personal medication / EpiPen etc (doctors notes needed to take own medication on flights)
Antihistamine cream – insect bite cream
Insect repellent - important against ticks!
Malarial tablets (optional, low risk malaria area - but check with nurse)
Clothing: (neutral colours: browns, greens, stone colours)
No black, white or bright colours/designs

*Free cap included (can be hot / protect eyes)

*Free T-shirt included
Sunglasses (UV / polarised)
Wide brimmed hat (optional, neck protection)

Underwear (enough 2 weeks, hand washing)
Button-up shirts / t-shirts / long sleeved tops / vest tops (layers off as day heats up)
Hoodies / fleeces
Scarf / gloves (early morning / late night game drives)
Waterproof / windproof jacket / poncho
Shorts / leggings
Trousers (zip off - trousers into shorts)
Thick socks (enough 2 weeks, hand washing)
Hiking boots (old or new - comfy / worn in)
Flip-flops (for camp)
X2 towels (ideally ‘travel towels’ - lightweight / quick drying)
Swim gear (camp pool)