Land-based, this tour incorporates bush walks, game drives and sleeping under the stars. Discover the ancient culture of the Zulu and gain knowledge about the indigenous flora & fauna.

Includes wildlife and conservation workshops addressing pressures facing Africa’s wildlife. A wonderfully comprehensive taste of South Africa.

For the budding marine enthusiast. We’ll teach you how to identify marine species and how to interpret their environments.

Visit Sodwana Bay one of the top 5 best dive destinations in the world. The Indian Ocean awaits ensuring perfect snorkelling and diving conditions.

This itinerary is suited for anyone who shares a passion for the great outdoors and truly ‘roughing it’ under the stars. A love of camping and adventure is a must.

This itinerary would be ideal for Air Force & Army cadets (CCF) and Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) students in particular.

Birding is fast becoming a new and exciting hobby, for people of all ages looking for a challenge. Birding is surprisingly thrilling and people new to birding, quickly find it satisfying to be able to correctly identify and try to locate, as many bird species as possible.

South africa boasts an impressive 850 bird species, ensuring birders prime opportunities to spot something special.

If nothing makes you happier than being outdoors, surrounded by nature with your camera, then we have a tour for you!

Our Students of Nature Photographic Safari Experience is geared up to expose you to spectacular scenery and wildlife.

Let us help you find your inspiration.

Treat your corporate team to a tailor-made team building experience. Groups will work together developing new skills and working relationships, whilst learning about the natural world.

This itinerary can be created to fit your specific company goals and requirements.