Rebecca Brackpool, Student

"The trip was well managed and planned, especially when you take into account the limited time frame we had to do it all in.

Josie (Students of Nature) handled the pressure well and always made sure to keep us all in the loop with weekly meetings in the run up to the trip. When going, she made sure that we all kept together and had all our baggage when we got to the airport and when we reached our destination.

During the trip we all enjoyed ourselves immensely and she was there with us every step of the way. Whether it was being out in a rainstorm and still looking for the elusive leopard or just sitting around the campfire playing word association games she made sure that we were all having fun and that she was in the middle of it all with us.

We all had fun on this trip and I feel closer to the group than I did before. Being out in the middle of nowhere and sleeping in tents may sound like madness to some people but to me it was perfect and a trip I will never forget."

Sharni Halford, Student

"Our trip to South Africa with Josie (Students of Nature) was the adventure of a lifetime! It's such a beautiful place, with a fantastic atmosphere and the most incredible wildlife.

The great thing about going with Josie is that she plans all the details and knows the area and the people well. You can just relax and concentrate on enjoying yourself and taking everything in! We crammed in so many activities that I was thoroughly exhausted by the end of the two weeks, yet I don't think I've ever felt so good or been so quick to get up and ready in the morning!

Our trip was 100% worth every penny and I absolutely recommend choosing Josie as your guide!

Deborah Collingwood, Student

"Josie (Students of Nature) was amazing when it came to arranging the trip, it had a bit of a rocky start but she was on the ball with every detail and when any issue arose she consulted us on how we felt about the alternative measures she had found. She included us in the planning from day one to keep us up to date on every exchange; whether it was the flights, tent arrangement, pay schedules or equipment she definitely made sure we weren’t going in unprepared.

Despite the long flights as soon as we arrived you could tell that everyone was buzzing to be there. Although some may call us crazy for doing it; living in the tents, in the midst of nature under a dazzling night's sky it definitely brings you closer to nature and the people you share the experience with.

The trip helped me connect with people in my group that I didn’t talk to very much usually as well as the team that welcomed us and stuck with us on our crazy adventures. We had many encounters while we were there, some more than others, but the best part was that we weren’t focused on the big five the whole time we were there. Honestly when I first found out we were going to learn about trees and birds and I thought there couldn’t be anything worse however, I have come back and have found that I am now looking at our native wildlife in a completely different way and as strange as it sounds I have a newfound respect for trees.

As amazing as all the wildlife was and Ebandla camp becoming our second home, I believe the greatest part was being able to connect with people. I’m quite shy and reserved but after spending time in the wild with this group, and the nights with a few drinks, poker and games I can honestly say I have never felt more comfortable around anyone.

I can definitely say I have chosen the right career if all my experiences are going to be like this one was and I couldn’t thank Josie enough for arranging this trip and welcoming us into her home. She helped us identify animals through sound and appearance while out on drives, helped us revise, taught us some Zulu, put up with me being slow while walking trails and became a good friend along the way.

Thank you Josie, so much... until the next adventure!"

Heather Coburn, Student

This whole trip wouldn't of even been an option without our amazing guide/leader Josie (Students of Nature) she set everything up in a record amount of time from a payment plan to flights.

Everyone at Bhejane Nature Training were so welcoming and throughout the two weeks we were there we learned so much and got to experience loads of new things.

From going to see a local sangoma to learning about the different types of trees and the different species in South Africa.

The highlights of the trip for me include: Getting to see a lion pride and being able to follow and track them, the view at Ebandla camp was amazing  and getting to go to St Lucia on a day trip.

This was an amazing experience and i enjoyed every bit of it. The best part of this whole experience was the people I got to spend it with from Josie to the other guides."


Hannah Robinson, Student

"The first time I met Josie (Students of Nature) was at a presentation she was giving on Africa, and Bhejane Nature Training. We could all feel the enthusiasm and love she had for the country and were eager to experience these adventures for ourselves. After spending more time with Josie, we became more and more excited about the prospect of a true African bush experience. From the get go, Josie has managed to be thoroughly organised from the initial planning, including plane tickets and transfers, to the unforgettable tailored activities we were involved in. Josie has been there for us throughout it all as an advisor, leader and predominantly a friend.

I could not fault it. Although the traveling was very tiring both there and back, it so was worth it. The days were long and jam-packed with activities including; bush walks, beach walks, safaris and visits to local towns and villages. The staff at the other end were incredible. They were so knowledgeable on the local ecology and so friendly. Can't forget the hot amazing food cooked fresh on a fire every day too.

Our week at Ebandla camp was something I will never forget. Up at 5:30am out at 6am most mornings to go on a game drive, where we were never disappointed by the extreme biodiversity the reserve had to offer. Night watch was also so liberating. It was a lovely time to reflect on the day and think of what the following had to offer. Good food, good company, amazing guides and leaders. I want to thank everyone, especially Josie, from the bottom of my heart for the memories.

Anya Towers, Student

“The trip to Bhajane Nature Training, south Africa was an experience of a lifetime. I could learn new things and to see animals I never dreamed of seeing.

Josie (Students of Nature) organised the trip effectively within the time limit which she was given and she was really interested in going back to the place where she felt more at home having previously done her qualifications out there. I was able to watch the animals in their natural environment and the best part was when we came really close to lions, they walked straight past the game vehicle and they were not bothered by a group of students in a vehicle.

We did not just get to see the animals of south Africa but the culture also which was interesting. I really enjoyed my trip to Bhajane.”

Adam Oliver, Student

"Josie (Students of Nature) organised and carried out an excellent trip. I had a two great weeks learning from her knowledge and the expertise of the Bhejane Nature Training guides. We had a wide range of experiences from two different camps, with diverse and beautiful environments. Josie and Bhejane Nature Training gave us a full and insightful trip to Africa. We had many experiences including many game drives, walks and lessons about conservation and species identification.

My favourite moment of the trip was watching two Impala males fighting. This is very rare to see as most Impala run away on sight. It showed the amazing struggle for breeding rights that Impala go through.

We gained in depth knowledge of the Zulu culture as well. Both from Josie and the other guides. This included organised trips to a Zulu sangoma. Zulu dancers were also arranged, that we were able to dance with. Which was a really great cultural experience. Josie also helped us with studying and by making us feel at home at both camps. The trip as a whole was an amazing experience, that Josie helped to enhance with her knowledge and connections with Bhejane."