The currency in South Africa is the South African Rand (ZAR).

When taking your British credit or debit card over to South Africa, please inform your bank about your intended travel destination and its time period. This will ensure that your cards are not blocked once there.

There are plenty of ATM’s in South Africa and you can use British credit and debit cards in them. When withdrawing cash, always be watchful when using an ATM in a public area. Please conceal all valuables.

Please ensure that you have enough money with you prior to entering the game reserves. You will need cash for food and drink stops along the way, on route to the reserves and for the tuck shop inside both reserves.


Nearest ATM Facilities:


  • Hluhluwe town ATM - on the way to Kuleni Game Reserve (Bhejane Base camp).
  • Pongola town ATM - on the way to Amakhosi Game Reserve (Ebandla Wilderness camp).


When preparing for your trip, I would advise that you take with you a mixture of cash (South African Rand) and your credit or debit card. I would recommend that you conceal your cash and cards in separate locations. You could also consider a travel money card, available from a range of travel organisations such as the Post Office.